Restoring the Windows on an 83 J10 Honcho at Centerfire Services

May 18, 2022

A Classic Beauty in Need of Repair

The customer had a 83 J10 Honcho, a classic truck with a lot of character. The problem was that the window lifting bracket on the passenger side had rusted completely away, leaving the window unable to function properly.

A Custom Solution from Centerfire Services

At Centerfire Services, we love a good challenge, especially when it comes to restoring a classic vehicle. Our team took apart the window system down to the parts that were still usable and then built a custom bracket that would hold the original leather pad wrapped around the bottom edge of the glass.

A Clean and Effective Repair

The result was a clean and effective repair that held a nice, firm grip on the window. This should keep it from rattling or breaking for the next 40 years or more, giving the customer the creature comfort of working windows in their classic truck.

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